Moka Cafe Bar & Restaurant

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Our new Far East Asian menu is now available.

Wednesday to Saturday from 5:30pm til 9:00.

Enjoy a free bottle of house wine when 2 people spend £30.00

Have a look at some of our dishes and the menu below

Some of our dishes

Modern Far East Asian Menu


MOKA Broth

choose teriyaki cured salmon or teriyaki chickenin a spicy asian broth with  noodles, shitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, spring onion, fresh coriander and a  soft boiled egg 9.95

Chinese Five Spice Duck                                                                       

duck leg slow cooked in chinese five spice, with hoi sin, cucumbers, spring  onions and pancakes 9.95             

Oriental Steak                                                                                             

12 hour slow cooked rump steak with teriyaki, veg and crushed peanuts 9.95

Braised Asian Pork Ribs                                                                             

24 hour marinated ribs in a tangy bbq sauce with asian slaw 7.25 

Teriyaki Cured Salmon                                                                           

with pickled veg and citrus mayonnaise 7.25 

Crispy Spring Roll                                                                                   

vegetarian spring roll, rice wine, chilli and soy 7.25

Chicken Satay Skewers                                                                          

marinated chicken breast with our satay peanut sauce 6.95   

Confit Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings                                                 

with spring onions, garlic and chilli 7.25   

Crispy Sea Bass                                                                                      

pan fried with crispy skin served with kim chi salad (HOT) 8.25   

Chinese Curried Noodles                                                                       

dan dan style noodles stir fried with oriental veg and chinese curry sauce 6.95

Thai Coconut Chicken                                                                            

chicken breast in a thai red curry and tomato sauce with veg, spring onions and coriander 7.95

Dim Sum                                                                                                   

cantonese minced pork dumplings in our spicy asian broth 6.95

Tempura Vegetables                                                                               

brocoli, carrott and courgette in our tempura batter with a soy and chilli dip 6.95

Asian Tuna Tartar                                                                                    

honey, soy, chilli, spring onions, ginger, toasted sesame seeds, wasabi mayo and coriander, topped with a soy cured egg yolk 9.95 

Sriracha Chicken Bao Buns                                                                    

with crispy leeks, fresh pomegranate seeds and sriracha mayo 6.95 

Teriyaki Chicken                                                                                      

teriyaki and honey glazed chicken with oriental veg 7.95

Thai Green Sweet Potato Curry                                                             

HOT. with rich coconut, shallots, coriander and veg 6.95 

Side orders

Tender stem brocoli in oyster sauce with chilli, Salt and pepper fries, Prawn crackers, Curry sauce, Sweet potato fries with coriander,            Kim chi salad (HOT) all 3.00

Homemade sorbets and ice-cream

Mango and ginger, Strawberry and lime, Coconut and lemon

Miso and caramel ice cream with ginger crumb

Wasabi and pistachio ice cream with candied nuts

All 3.00